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Welcome to

What about making
your own adventure game?

With over 25 years of experience in video games and tools, we can offer what you are looking for,
from a simple Visual Novel to a complex Point & Click game.

Why choose

An original design approach

A few notions of scripting are enough to master all the features. The tools offered are very easy to use and are intended primarily for non-programmers, and more specifically for screenwriters, artists and game designers who want to create their own adventure games.

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About the developer

Sylvain Seccia

Author and developer of games, software, books and short films including Désiré, a multi-award winning adventure game.

  • 25 years of C++ experience and tools
  • Dozens of indie games made
  • Ten years in the industry in Paris
What you can do

2D adventure games

Go from idea to fruition without coding knowledge.

Point & Click

Explore the locations by moving your hero around the scene, find objects, combine them, chat with the characters and solve the investigation...

Visual Novel

Focus on the story of your characters by offering discussion choices, stage your plot and give the player the opportunity to follow different paths...

Escape Game

Have fun inventing riddles and puzzles using your character's items and inventory to allow the player to find clues that will lead them to the exit...

Made with

Take a look at the recent and featured games that were made with

There is no shortage of talent, more and more of them want to express themselves through the creation of an adventure game. Discover their style and their universe that will take you beyond reality. Feel free to share your own creations.

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History & Philosophy

A long road that never ends

Going through periods of deep doubt, the project has continued to evolve to meet the creative needs of users... plowing its furrow.

At the beginning

Originally designed to create Désiré, the project began in January 2012 in C++ and XNA. Already at the time, the engine ran on PC and mobile.


Present & Future was gradually simplified and clarified by proposing a script design in order to create games without code easily.

Inspired by storytelling and cinematographic art, the interface has been completely redesigned to become unique

When we decide to create an adventure game, we want to focus on writing and directing. Forget the code! To do this, we need to change our perception and this is also part of the artistic process.

  • Free license is a free adventure game engine. You can compile games for Windows, iOS, Android and WebGL. A compiled game consists of one or more files that can no longer be edited by You are allowed to distribute worldwide your profit or non-profit game as a digital or physical product on stores.

  • Paid services

    Exceed your expectations with services that will help you achieve your goals more effectively.

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Editors within the interface to assist you in all stages of your project

Scenario & Puzzles




Objects & Characters



Visual Effects


A visual programming language

Write the logic of your game using a system of synchronized actions, events and conditions without knowing anything about programming.


Frequently asked questions

  • What investment to get started?

    It all depends on your skills, on average one day is enough to get to grips with the software and be able to create your first project independently. Then, experience will be your best ally in achieving your goals.

  • Do I need a Unity license?

    Yes if you want to distribute your games. After installation contains a Windows build dedicated solely to testing. This allows you to develop quickly without installing Unity.